Tsz Shan Monastery strives to propagate Dharma and provide a tranquil and uncontaminated sanctuary for people to purify their spirit. Through organizing various ritual ceremonies, the Monastery is dedicated to cultivate one's wisdom, peace and happiness.
Tsz Shan Monastery is a Chinese Buddhist monastery established for the inheritance of the Dharma preached by Śākyamuni Buddha. By going through constant reflecting, practicing, and learning, right knowledge and right views could be cultivated. It would be a joyful and helpful experience by learning with your Dharma friends so that everyone can gain wisdom with collective efforts.
According to the Buddhist tradition, tea meditation, water offering, zen calligraphy and meditation are the practices that remind us the importance of persistent effort in spiritual pursuit in everyday life, so that we can retain the awareness to calm our mind in the midst of difficulties or chaos. Through the experiences and discovery at Tsz Shan Monastery, we hope all our visitors can develop a good habit of taming the mind, as a way to nurture the positive spiritual qualities and competence in taking care of the body and mind.
Tsz Shan Monastery provides a platform for young people to be exhilarated by the Dharma. Through different programmes such as experiential learning and summer camp, the Monastery is devoted to support young people to face the challenges of growing up with unconditional positive regards.

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