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Terms and Conditions
By booking or visiting Tsz Shan Monastery ("Monastery"), or participating in any of its activities, you fully agree to the following:
  1. The Monastery is for spiritual practice and for promoting Buddhism. The Monastery is not intended to be a tourist attraction. Please remain quiet throughout your visit at the Monastery.
  2. You are advised to use public transport. Vehicles may be wheel clamped for unauthorized parking without prior notice.
  3. Any vehicle without a confirmed parking space will not be allowed to enter the Monastery. For persons with special needs, please call our Enquiry Hotline ((852) 2123-8666) in advance for assistance.
  4. Please present your confirmation e-mail, SMS or booking reference number and proof of identification upon entering the Monastery.
  5. No show or late arrival for thirty (30) minutes or more from the scheduled time of visit may be deemed as late cancellation (see clause 41 of these Terms and Conditions).
  6. You must wear a visitor pass during your visit in the Monastery.
  7. Proper attire (e.g. sleeved tops, trousers, mid-calf dress or mid-calf pants) must be worn at all times throughout your visit in the Monastery. Tsz Shan Monastery Limited ("TSM") reserves the right and has the sole and absolute discretion to disallow or expel Programme Participants (see definition below) whom it considers improperly attired. For example, sleeveless tops, mini skirts, hot pants, and shorts would be considered improper attire.
  8. Children under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times in the Monastery. Please supervise your children at all times.
  9. No littering, spitting or shouting. Please keep the Monastery clean, quiet and peaceful.
  10. No smoking or lighting of incense sticks, joss paper, hazardous or inflammable items is allowed within the Monastery.
  11. No cigarette, alcoholic beverage, meat, seafood, incense stick, joss paper, hazardous or inflammable items is allowed in the Monastery.
  12. No chewing gum or bubble gum is allowed in the Monastery, and no eating or drinking is allowed in the non-designated areas in the Monastery.
  13. Pets are not allowed into the Monastery (except for guide dogs).
  14. No activities, photography, video or other recording of any kind relating to or for media or commercial purposes is allowed anywhere at the Monastery unless with prior written permission from TSM.
  15. No photography or video or other recording is allowed inside the halls at the Monastery.
  16. No touching of any statues, religious items or plants is allowed in the Monastery.
  17. No business soliciting, publicizing, marketing, fund raising, distribution of printed materials of any kind or any other commercial activities is allowed in the Monastery.
  18. No unauthorized events, demonstrations, speeches or other unauthorized public gathering is allowed.
  19. No storage services are available at the Monastery. You are responsible for your own personal belongings. TSM, its directors, employees and agents shall not be liable for any damage to or loss of the property or belongings of any person who books through our online booking system or centralized booking hotline system, whether as an Applicant (see definition below) or through another Applicant ("Registrant"), or any person who visits the Monastery or participates in its activities or programmes (visitors and participants are collectively referred as "Programme Participants") , whether such damage or loss is caused by negligence on the part of TSM, its directors, employees and agents or otherwise.
  • Address
  • 88 Universal Gate Road
    Tai Po, New Territories
    Hong Kong
  • Opening Hours
  • 9:30am – 5:00pm
  • Contact Number
  • 2123-8666
  • Email Address
  • info@tszshan.org

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